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Copyediting is the art of editing one’s work so as to remove spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors and at the same time improve overall sentence structure, leaving the core content of the work untouched. This kind of editing is vital for any document, be that a novel or a job resume.

Engrossed in the creation of their content, it is nearly impossible for authors to catch every mistake in their work, or detect everything that could be improved. Here is where ESS steps in and offer a second pair of eyes to improve your invaluable copy.

Let our experienced copy editors fix your copy be that errors in spelling, grammar, continuity, flow, or punctuation. Our copy editors will critically read the text and check all elements word by word to fix errors. With years of experience and sharply honed copyediting skills we are sure that our copy editors will meet your expectations.

Our team of cross-disciplinary copy editors provide a solid support to your peer-reviewed manuscript as ESS expertly handles virtually all kinds of books, high-impact journals, and major reference works (MRWs) (and other media, too). This includes various disciplines as diverse as agriculture science, arts and humanities, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics and business, engineering, environmental sciences, geosciences, material science, mathematics, medicine, physics, social science, general reading, law, popular science, and public health. Thus, our editorial services cover not only the STM disciplines but also humanities and social sciences, and arts. Therefore, it is very obvious that ESS offers a full range of cost-effective and versatile editorial services to our prestigious clients worldwide. Our copy editors are highly qualified in their respective fields and therefore ensure that extra bit of advantage to the authors, by understanding their point of view and hence empower them to make an even greater impact in disseminating knowledge in their specializations. Our copy editors are highly proficient in handling complex style aspects, as well as editing for grammar, and substantive editing, wherever required.

Apart from the standard copyediting services, we also offer high-quality editorial services such as substantive editing to our esteemed clients.

Level 1 (Basic) Editing:

A basic copyedit focuses on correcting errors that will improve the overall presentation of the text: Spelling, Capitalization Errors, Hyphenation, Abbreviations, Symbols and variables, Typos, Punctuation Errors, Minor Grammatical Errors.

Level 2 (Intermediate) Editing:

An intermediate copyedit focuses on all the points listed under a basic copyedit but also corrects errors relating to grammar, punctuation, syntax, word choice and sentence construction: Formatting, Sentence structure, Word Choice, Repetitiveness, Grammatical Choices, Clarity and Sense, Awkward Phrasing, Rhythm.

Level 3 (Heavy) Editing:

A heavy copyedit should not only include all elements of a basic and intermediate copyedit but provide inputs and make changes that enhance output: Structural Choices, Characterization, Plot Consistency, Overall Structure, Tie Up Loose Ends, Momentum.